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Dr. Richard Duplantis

Dear Friends,


I am honored and privileged to have been invited by Arte Divine to join their Mission. Arte Divine's primary Mission is to place 112 castings of Michelangelo's Pieta in Cathedrals, Churches and Academic settings around the World.  There remains approximately 50 Pietas to be placed which is why you are being invited to participate with me. This project was begun by some friends of mine working in conjunction with many Catholic institutions.


Arte Divine

It is with great pleasure that Arte Divine announces the latest addition to our Legacy Mission family, Dr. Richard Duplantis. His passion and dedication to the Liturgical Arts business combined with his strong desire to restore the beauty and art into the sacred liturgy, has proven to be a perfect marriage with Arte Divine's Mission and Goals.


Arte Divine has been producing posthumous original editions of Michelangelo’s sculptures since 2001. These Limited Edition castings are derived from and are faithful to Michelangelo’s original masterpieces. Through the years, we have been honored to collaborate along with the Vatican in Rome, and the Casa Buonarroti Museum in Florence Italy. To ultimately assemble this rare and important collection of Michelangelo’s sculptural works, and share his legacy worldwide.


Dr. Richard Duplantis

President/Owner Southern Liturgicals

Phone (USA): 337-456-5892

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The “Michelangelo Sculpture Donation Fund” (“MSDF”) is an active charitable program of Legacy Global Foundation Inc (“Legacy”). 

Legacy is a public 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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